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Why choose the UK

Why Do People Move to the UK?

The UK is the global epicenter of culture and diversity. There is a high standard of living as well as historic charm, stunning natural landscapes, and excellent public services ranging from high-speed public transport to universal healthcare. These are just a few of the countless reasons why the UK is one of the most popular countries to migrate to.

As a result, there are over 50 different immigration pathways available to interested incomers. To navigate the best immigration pathway for you, speak to one of our consultants today!

High Standard of Living

Despite its size, the UK has the 5th largest global economy, and long term has been proven to weather various global financial impacts. It plays host to one of the leading international financial hubs – London – that brings in a great deal of investment to local communities. The UK has substantial job opportunities, with the unemployment rate at just 3.7% and minimum wage currently at £10.42 (~USD 12.72) for those over 21.

The UK also benefits from a generous public welfare system for those who require it, in the form of Universal Credit, and can provide additional support if needed. In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, for example, the UK offered considerable emergency packages: 80% of people’s salaries up to £2500 every month if their job was furloughed – one of the highest contributions of any country in the world.

Generous National Health Service

The UK has a world-famous National Health Service or NHS. Free at point of service to all residents, almost all necessary healthcare ranging from routine GP consults to major life-saving surgery, is covered by the NHS. This service is funded by taxation but is always free when accessed, regardless of the cost.

This is a significant benefit to those considering a move to the UK, especially if you have ongoing health conditions. Unlike many other nations, private health insurance is not a requirement. It should be noted that prescriptions come at a small cost, apart from those under specific criteria, but are capped at £9.35 per script regardless of the actual cost of the medication.

Private health insurance is sometimes offered to employees as part of a benefits package or can be purchased independently if desired.

Immigrants Welcomed

Benefiting from free primary and secondary education for all children, the UK consistently ranks among the top educators worldwide, renowned for its well-trained teachers, interactive methods, and high student satisfaction.

The UK is also home to other educational institutions, some of the top-performing universities worldwide. In the Times World University Rankings 2023, the University of Oxford ranked No. 1 globally, and the University of Cambridge No. 3, with numerous other UK institutions ranking in the top 100. These leading institutions are no more expensive to citizens and permanent residents than any other UK university and are accessible through government loans if required.

Because of the UK’s historical legacy as a global educational leader, citizens can access further prospects and job opportunities locally and abroad.

Beautiful Landscapes

From the rolling hills of the Lake District and mountainous peaks of the Highlands to the pristine beaches of Welsh Pembrokeshire and the quaint beauty of the Cotswolds, the UK is small but mighty when it comes to stunning scenery and historic landscapes.

Priding itself on its vast and rich history, the UK benefits from beautiful historic towns nestled in the countryside to magnificent architectural cities across the country, such as those in Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, and of course, London. You are never far from an ancient castle or cosy pub, and because it’s an island, breathtaking coastal landscapes encompass the entire country.

Diverse & Vibrant Communities

Immigrating to the UK is appealing due to the country’s cultural diversity. In 2021, the census showed that in England & Wales, one in six people was not born in the UK, rising to 37% within London. This has resulted in an exciting cultural landscape across the country, particularly in the major cities.

Across the country, you can find an incredible variety of delicious cuisines, from Indian to Italian, Korean to Ethiopian, and more. Whilst no country is perfect, this diversity means the UK is widely accepting of different cultures and actively celebrates them. For example, people observe important holy and cultural celebrations such as Eid and Chinese New Year through events across the country.

Travel Haven

With its position on the map, the UK benefits from prime access to many other exciting locations. In just three hours or less, you can reach most of Western Europe and North Africa; in five hours, virtually all of Europe is accessible; and in seven hours, you can even access the east coast of the USA, the Middle East, and swathes of central Africa.

What’s more, the UK passport boasts visa-free travel to 139 countries and even reciprocal working holiday visa arrangements with countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Migrating to the UK will initiate your journey to potential UK citizenship and the coveted UK passport.

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