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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

UK immigration policies vary depending on the different types of UK visas and can change depending on your circumstances. Therefore, it is impossible to outline all requirements here, particularly as the landscape continually changes – information you may find online is often outdated and/or misleading. Please speak with one of our expert consultants today to understand your journey’s requirements.

This depends on a myriad of factors and is unique to your case. Our consultants will evaluate your specific circumstances and profile in step 1 of the consultation process and share the findings with you. You can learn more about this under ‘How do I start the migration process?’ Get Started

While a regulated immigration consultant is not essential, working with one can save you substantial time and money long-term. Firstly, our OISC-regulated professionals can determine your eligibility and recommend a strategy for the best outcome. Often clients think pathway ‘A’ is optimal, but pathway ‘B’ has the highest chance of approval – only experienced consultants have this insight.

They will streamline the process by providing support throughout, from collecting documents to checking application answers. The partnership prevents delays and failed applications. A consultant is crucial to provide guidance with legalities and represent your case in complex instances.

When seeking immigration advice, we suggest consultants authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). The government clears these agents to assist in the application process by confirming they are fit for service and competent and will act in your best interest. This ensures you receive sound advice for the best chance of success.

We work exclusively with OISC-approved consultants for peace of mind and top-tier UK immigration help.

Start your immigration journey by reaching out to us today. From there, UK GIC has a three-step migration process:

  • Step 1: Eligibility Assessment – To assess your UK visa eligibility and possible immigration pathways, we ask for basic information to complete an online consultation form. This includes your background, work history, education, criminal history, etc., and documentation, including your passport, CV, utility bills, etc. Our OISC consultants will review this and share an evaluation of your options for UK residency.

If you wish to proceed, we will commence Steps 2 and 3. Learn more here. Our Services

Application approval time varies greatly depending on visa type and your specific circumstances. Temporary visas can be approved in just a few days or weeks, whilst permanent visas take several months or more. Using an immigration consultant is a surefire way to shorten your application time, preventing delays caused by incorrectly filed information.

Using UK GIC is one of the best ways to navigate a changing migration landscape. Our OISC-regulated consultants must be up-to-date with new policies and regulations and have vast experience that allows them to decipher complex legal jargon and make recommendations based on their understanding. We do the work for you.

If you are already based in the UK and need help reapplying, changing your immigration status, or disputing a cancelled visa, we can help. Our consultants are specialists in securing your residency or citizenship – however complex your case may be.

Looking for answers you can’t find here? Contact us today, and we’d be more than happy to offer expert support.

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